Starting a Website

Faculty and Staff wishing to create a webpage have several options. Most users will choose a Content Management System or CMS to make management of content and design much easier. For those interested in designing their website in something other than a CMS, simply submit a request to to have a hosting account set up for your desired web address.

The main options for CMS providers are as follows:

  • Virginia Tech Ensemble CMS
    • Benefits include full University Support and built-in branding. Virginia Tech provides extensive training and documentation resources
    • Valerie Sutherland currently manages the departmental Ensemble CMS and can answer any questions you may have.
  • WordPress
    • Benefits include a wide selection of open source plug-ins and designs available from the WordPress developer community, a simple to use administrative interface, and extensive online documentation.
    • The initial setup process for this product is unsupported by Virginia Tech. To have an instance created, please submit a ticket.
  • Weebly, Squarespace, etc.
    • Off-site CMS products are NOT supported by the university or the Biological Sciences IT Support office. It is the faculty/staff’s responsibility to¬†configure and install these products on their own. Do also understand that the data on these pages is handled by an outside provider. No PII or sensitive research data should be posted to these providers for any reason.