Faculty and Staff wishing to create a webpage have several options. Ensemble and WordPress are the two most commonly used Content Management Systems (CMS) in our department, and they allow website creation to be as simple as possible for end users. The back ends of both systems are housed in the cloud or in the VT corporate research center, so all the end user need worry about is loaded content on their site. To request a site, please contact the IT helpdesk at biohelp@vt.edu. In addition to helping you register and generate your site, our IT office can also assist with site design.

The mainĀ options for CMS providers are as follows:

  • WordPress
    • Benefits include a variety of plug-ins and designs that are freely available, a simple-to-use administrative interface, and extensive online documentation.
    • To have a WordPress site created, please submit a ticket with Biology IT office.
  • S4
    • Allows for custom, static html content to be loaded onto a site
  • Virginia Tech Ensemble CMS
    • Benefits include full University Support and built-in branding. Virginia Tech provides extensive training and documentation resources
    • Valerie Sutherland currently manages the departmental Ensemble CMS and can answer any questions you may have.
  • Weebly, Squarespace, etc.
    • Off-site CMS products are not supported by the university or the Biological Sciences IT office and many are not approved for use. Please check the Cobblestone database to see if your intended web management service is approved to host University-related information.