Poster Printing

Who can use the DesignJet?

Faculty, staff, and graduate students from any department affiliated with VA Tech.

How much does it cost?

In-Department (Paid by an in-department account): $10

Out-of-Department: $30

How do I pay?

Submit an Interdepartmental Service Request (ISR) in HokieMart

  • Instructions for entering an ISR in HokieMart can be found here.
  • If do not have HokieMart access, then you will need your faculty advisor to enter an ISR for you.
  • The supplier is “Biological Sciences Poster Printing”. When entering the account number (not fund), please enter 1244R.
  • Please DO NOT attach the poster to the PO in HokieMart.
How do I print my poster?

      1.  Submit your ISR

      2. Submit a “Poster Print” ticket

When should I submit my order? 
  • For < 7 posters: submit payment and poster files 2 business days before needed
    • Business days are Mon-Fri excluding Holidays
  • For > 7 posters: please contact us 2-3 weeks before the posters are needed to make sure we can accommodate your request

Any errors in layout or spelling are the responsibility of the submitter. We take NO responsibility for proofing of any posters and must charge for any reprints caused by errors of the submitter.

How do I setup a PowerPoint document to be printed with the DesignJet?

After starting a new document in PowerPoint, go to File > Page Setup and change the document dimensions.

We use a 42 inch roll of poster paper, so keep poster dimensions under 56 by 42 inches.

Please also make sure that all content is not directly near the edges of the document to prevent it from being cut off during printing.