Connecting to a File Share on Kingdom Server

What is Kingdom?

Our IT office administers and maintains a file sharing server called “Kingdom” that is available for use by Biological Sciences labs and offices to store and share files.

How Much Storage Space Does Each Lab Get?

Currently, this server has a storage capacity of about 15 Terabytes that is shared between everyone, so I ask that each lab please limit the space they use to 300 GB or less.

Requesting a Share for a New Lab

If you run a lab and do not have a file share for on the Kingdom server yet and you would like one, please submit a ticket and we can set one up for you.

Requesting Access to an Existing Lab’s Share

Alternatively, if you need permission to connect to someone’s lab share, please have the principal investigator in charge of that lab’s share email us requesting access for you. You will need a HOKIES account in order for us to give you permission to connect to the file share, so if you haven’t set one up already, please click on the “Set up Hokies Account” link under the “How To’s” menu on the left and follow the instructions.

How to Connect?

In order to connect to Kingdom on a Windows computer, follow the instructions here. Where it ask for the folder location, input \\\yourLab (replacing “yourLab” with your lab’s file share name) and make sure that Reconnect at sign-in and Connect using different credentials is selected.

In order to connect to the network share on a Mac computer, follow the instructions found here. Where it ask for the server address, input smb:// (replacing “yourLab” with your lab’s file share name.)

The credentials that you would want to use for the sign-in is “hokies\yourPID” (without the quotes and replacing “yourPID” with your own PID) and your Hokies account password. If you don’t remember your HOKIES account, you will have to contact 4help to reset it by dialing 540-231-4357.